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Tablet sales reduced in 3rd quarter

November 24 2014

Tablet sales reduced in 3rd quarter

Recently, Ontablets released a report about the tablet sales in China for 3rd quarter of 2014. In 3rd quarter, the total sales in China is about 5.45 million pieces. Compared with last year, it is increased by 25%. But compared with 1st and 2nd quarter, increase is already reduced.

The top three tablets brands are iPad, Samsung, and Lenovo. iPad has about 56.3% market share, Samsung is 11.6%, Lenovo is 9.4%. And MIUI ranked 4th, its first tablet was launched in July.

The sales of tablets in 1st and 2nd quarter is increased by 48% and 53.8% compared with last year. But in 3rd quarter, it is reduced to 25%. The main reason is iPad sales is reduced. But the sales of Android tablets is increased a bit.

Now, the market demand is reduced. It is faced the competition from laptop, and big screen smart phones, and can not find the right position in market. That is why the sales is reduced in 3rd quarter. And the situation may keep on in following months or years.

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