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Intel 10nm process will be delayed

January 20 2015

Intel 10nm process will be delayed

When 20nm process technology is successful, many suppliers started to develop the 16nm, 14nm, even 10nm process. Not long before, TSMC announced its 16nm process is delayed. Recently, Intel also announced that its 10nm is still developed, there is no exact schedule for it.

As schedule, Intel will launch its 10nm process technology at the end of 2016, coded by Cannonlake, it will replace the 14nm Broadwell Skylake solution. But the situation is not good. The words may mean intel 10nm process technology will be delayed as well.

As the 16nm process technology of TSMC is not going well, and will be delayed at second half of 2015, and the mass production will be next year. It forces Qualcomm and Apple to choose Samsung 14nm Fin FET technology.

The CEO of TSMC also admit the news, he said, in 2015, TSMC will lose Samsung on the 16nm process. He said now there were over 50 clients adopting TSMC 16nm process.

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